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Q10  What is the QuickStart Method?

A10   The QuickStart Method represents an opportunity for you as a dealer to get to the higher discount levels quicker, and by purchasing a smaller quantity of products.  The only requirement for the QuickStart Method is that the product be purchased under a single order (i.e. all at the same time).   

There are two Quick Start MethodsQuickStart Manager, and QuickStart Director.

For QuickStart Manager, you purchase $795 RV product at a 20% discount.  So depending on the products ordered (this part is up to you) your out of pocket cost will be at least $640 plus shipping.

For the QuickStart Director, you purchase $1500 RV product at a 30% discount.  Once again, depending on your order (more than likely it will be $25-$75 higher due to individual costs not coming out to exactly $1500) your minimum out of pocket expense will be $1050 plus shipping.  Remember, once you sell all of this product, you will have $1500 dollars in your pocket, and you would have made $450 profit on your initial $1500 investment. Everything you purchase after your initial QuickStart purchase would be at the 40% discount level.

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