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Q12  How is the sales force organized?

A12   DWG International has decided that they are going to distribute the DRI WASH 'n GUARD product line via a network of distributors in a direct sales organizational structure.  This type of structure is often called a network marketing structure.  Now, before thoughts go running rampant through your mind, let me explain.  This structure is no different that any other organizational structure in the business world today. 

Let's say you were just hired to work as a salesman for a Global company that sells fasteners (you know, nuts, bolts and things of that nature) at a local brick and mortar store.  Now, you have a boss, who is probably a store manager.  That store manager probably reports to a district manager.  The district manager may report to a regional manager, who in turn reports to the US sales manager, who reports to the global Director of Sales. 

The above business structure is typical in many sales organizations, and the DWG sales structure is no different.  As a matter of fact, take a look at your current job, it's probably structured very similarly, even though it may not be a sales organization. 

However, the DWG distributor opportunity allows many levels of distributors, which helps to "get the word out" about the product to masses.  This type of network represents a growing opportunity for anyone and everyone that would like to start their own business.

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