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DRI WASH 'n GUARD with AIRosol Pump Bottle - The Salesman in a bottle - get yours today!
32oz DRI WASH 'n GUARD with AIRosol Pump Bottle

"Salesman in a Bottle"


Q14  OK, so what's the catch?

A14   Honestly, there is no catch.  You decide what profit level you want to be at: 20%, 30%, or 40%.  Then you work at selling the product and sharing the opportunity (just like I'm doing here) with others.  As with any business, you get out of it what you put into it.  So if you're willing to work, there's money to be made.  Remember, this is not a get rich quick scheme - you have to work to make money.  But what's better, working for yourself or working for someone else?

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